Friday, April 27, 2007

Tribulations of a Comedic Sort

Friday 4/27 Blog Prompt: Let's finish the week off with a laugh. Tell a funny story or your favorite joke.

When she was younger one of the jobs Bombshell told us she wanted was to be a stand-up comic (the other was a physical therapist to the elderly). She use to dress up with her trusty side kick and in would bound Wonderwear and Underbra. (Underbra was either the cat or the gerbil, depending on which one she could catch). One night at dinner she was regaling us with her newest routine. It was a story that went on for nearly half an hour. That is what I was going to share; but I can't seem to find where I saved it at or where it is located on my sister's blog. If I find it, I will share; but in the meantime this will have to do. (JASN: Bombshell really would have made a great stand-up comic).

The other day Bombshell called Pan and needed him to come back over and look at her surround sound. She lost the instructions he left for her when he finished installing it and she couldn't get it to work. So over we head.

Indy was absolutely thrilled to see him as Bombshell picked up the kids before Pan made it home that day. On top of which Indy had been watching the Backyardigans that day and Uniqua wanted to be a stand-up comic and tell knock knock jokes. (see a pattern here?)

Pan is looking over the remotes when Indy comes up and knocks on his forehead. Pan looks up in shock and Indy says "knock knock." Pan is still in shock when I hiss "say who's there?" So he does and Indy comes back with banana

Pan: Banana who
Indy: Apple
Tink: Indy, that's suppose to be orange
Indy: Knock knock (raps him on the head again)
Pan: Who's there
Indy: Banana
Pan: Banana who
Indy: Knock knock (raps him on the head yet again)
Pan: Who's there
Indy: Orange
Pan: Orange who?
Indy: Orange juice

You know this really loses a lot in the translation. One, you really had to see Pan's face everytime Indy rapped him the forehead. Secondly you would have had to see his face when Indy did his comebacks. I don't Pan really understands knock knock jokes as he would get this glazed look on his face. Then again, I guess, it could just be a symptom of being hit in the head repeatedly.


ArcaneFaery said...

LOL! At our house it's called 'bonked.' But it's always funny. Even on accident..."GASP! You bonked me!!!" And Your UnderBra comment made me think of another story so I posted twice today!

vw bug said...

I loved hearing this story and reading it again.

Rainbow Scraps said...

This is cute. My kids were always telling knock knock jokes when they were little. None of them knocked me in the head though... lol