Monday, May 07, 2007

Universal Tribulations

Well we made it. Even though we made around noon, they had a room ready for us. Not a great view, but a nice enough room. After settling in we headed over to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Great thing about staying at a Universal hotel is that your room key is a fast pass to all the rides. No waiting in line; so we actually rode just about every ride they had.

Well I didn't ride the Hulk, but Pan did. And for the Bug, we tried to win a Spiderman doll for the boys. It was taller than Tater. Sorry we didn't win it, the boys would have probably loved it.

That night we ate at Captain Jack's here at the hotel. Talk about the quantity of food. Pan was in heaven. He likes his steaks well done and his was absolutely perfect. Well done and still tender and juicy.

Yesterday, I stayed around the hotel as it looked like it was going to rain. Finally that afternoon it did. Thunder and lightning. Glad I stayed in. This morning I will head over to one or both of the parks to take pictures, so that I can go one day without the camera.

Anyway, be good and when I get back today I will take a look at the blog prompts and maybe get some posted.

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vw bug said...

Phew. Thanks for NOT winning the toy. Glad all is going well. Send some of that rain this way please!