Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project Life entry 9

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Up at 5:30 and the temperature was a balmy 44 degrees.  As  I left for work it had dropped a degree.  What’s up with that? It is suppose to get in 50’s today. By mid-afternoon, it had only gotten up to 48 degrees. One degree higher than the predicted low for tonight.

Work was fast-paced and I got out fairly rapidly. Pulled a Pan today: went in late got out early, hahahahaha.

This morning I bought a couple of scrapbook kits from Scrapbook-Bytes; one of which is called “Gypsy Magic.” I really need to start making pages again and I think I will use that one to make some with mom’s baby pictures. On top of that, Gotta Pixel has a challenge called Remembering Our Past and one of the Using the Prompts challenges for this month is reflections of the past year. Have to find a really appropriate kit with yellow for scrapping mom’s funeral. I even managed to get a post up on 2 Scrappy Sisters; then realized that I only have one more post for Tink’s Tribulations. Before I go head over to Phyllis’ house tomorrow I will have to see about getting some more posts done.

Pan really loves the connector. While it only knocks off about 15 minutes of time, that is still 30 minutes a day that he gets to spend at home. The Big Bang Theory was on tonight so we watched that during dinner and afterwards Pan finished downloading extra characters for his Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II game. He started playing so we could see the characters and ended up playing till nearly 11 o’clock. Off to bed we headed.

Bedtime movie: Dazzle (bad move, but good movie. We ended up watching the whole thing and didn’t get to sleep until after 1)

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