Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Life entry 4

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Up at 6:30 to call J1 and wake up the Princess (she needs to finish packing). Started an omelet for her when J1 showed up and was going to take her to breakfast. I made him coffee so he could sit with her. Afterwards she told me that we would have to stop by her dad’s to get her shoes. Instead they went to get them then. Bad move as they didn’t get back until 10 minutes before we were going to leave. At least J1 helped Pan load the truck.

It was an uneventful trip up there. At least Indy kept entertained singing and playing his psp. The Princess played some Pokemon silver, after Indy got upset with her playing his Emerald game, then fell asleep until we got to Opelika.

At the Olive Garden we met T1. He seems to be very nice and devoted to Daughter. She seems to really care about him. She opened her Christmas gifts and wondered about a theme as she had a lot of Grinch clothes (two really, a pair of pajamas and a shirt). She loved the pajama pants which has built in footies. During lunch we got to tell a lot of stories about how weird our family can be. He liked that Daughter's beaus had to leave their phone number and tag number when they took her out. He has two teenage girls and a son who looks a lot like Ron Weasley  (Rupert Grint) from Harry Potter. Uh Oh, think I started something there as Daughter said that was what she was going to start calling him. Although Pan had already told the waiter he would pay, T1 somehow managed to get the bill and pay it. Maybe Daughter should keep him around.

Going home was quiet. Too quiet. But I kept busy playing Pokemon.  I wonder when I will put it down for a while again? It got dark early. Well before we got home, but I did get some pictures of the landscape we passed as the sun was setting. Need to get it downloaded. The Connector  was finally open (by-pass actually, but they didn’t  want anyone to think it was a ‘by-pass’) and we took it home. Cut our time in half as the speed on it is 55 and no traffic lights. But it is only two lanes and no passing. I wonder who thought up that one. Then it ups to four lanes to go through the toll, then back down to two immediately after. No lights at the Range Road exit.  Some things really need to be thought out better.

Called Daughter when got home and she was already home. Guess they are staying at T1's tonight. I feel better. Neither Pan nor I really like the idea of her driving up the mountain after such a long trip, especially at night. I know she does it all the time, but I don’t have to like it. Didn’t talk long as I was getting ready to cry.

ddpuppies texted. A friend of her's mom died yesterday. Passed along my condolences. She died of the same thing as mom. I was really hoping this year would be better. Not off to a good start I would say.

Called the Bug and wailed for a while. I really missed calling mom after dropping off the kids. More than I have at any other time so far. It was like a tradition. Drop kids off, call mom, get it out of my system, move on. Wonder how long it is going to take this time?

Bedtime movie: Men in Black III

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