Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dressed in Yellow

The Art of Storytelling ©Silvia Romeo; Always in My Heart ©Indigo Designs
Finally  made time to do at least one layout about mom. Her funeral; which while sad was also fun, just like her. She requested that we wear yellow and we all pretty much managed. For those family members who didn't have yellow clothes, ddpuppies had yellow rose boutonnières and some wore yellow ribbons. Even my boss came to the viewing wearing yellow, startling Bug into trying to figure out which family member he was.
She left us on 7 Sep 2013, but the funeral was held on (believe it or not) Friday, 13 Sep 2013. Bear, ddpuppies, Pan and I all agreed she must have had a hand in it. And we know that she was up there watching and laughing at and with us.
I still miss her greatly, but I do take a lot of comfort in knowing that her funeral was the type of affair she would have wanted. Lots of stories of days past, meeting up with family members not seen in years and lots of laughter among the tears.

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