Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project Life entry 6

Monday, January 06, 2014

High of 45; low of 17.

Eyes are watering even as I type this. I can’t believe how much I am missing them this time. Usually by this time I have gotten use to it. Not so this go around. I finally did remember to look up who played Bard in the new Hobbit movie, because there was some discussion about it being Orlando Bloom. Everyone seemed to think he had two roles in the movie. But it was Luke Evans who played Bard and he actually did have to parts; the other being Girion, the last lord of Dale.

I’m thinking I need to go take my medicine and get another cup of coffee and finish this later.

And that I did. Even made time to make some clusters for the wedding scrapbook the Bug is making for her niece. Then stopped to play some pokemon since my avenue is having a half off sale this week. Silly to think about it that way. But I did get a bunch of eggs hatched. Now all I have to do is work on making sure they all get Pokerus (a pokemon virus that ups their stats). Pan remembered to take the connector to and from work and seems to like it much better. Once he got home he was depressed to find they are upping our escrow to nearly $250 a month. What is wrong with the mortgage company. He tried taking over the escrow ourselves, but since it is a federal loan we can’t do that. Just put up with the increase. And although he denies it, I have a feeling that some of that escrow is going to pay for other people who are not making their mortgage payments.

Sometimes I feel that things are just getting out of hand. The government is starting to treat it’s people like the kings of old did, which is why we revolted in the first place. I hope that somehow it can get regulated so that my children and grandchildren can live out their lives in a country that is free and again the most powerful.

Watched Almost Human after dinner (spaghetti for me and Italian marinated chicken with fries for Pan). After that nothing was on so Pan went back to playing Legos Lord of the Rings while I once again picked up the pokemon game.

Bedtime movie: Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla

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