Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Life entry 8

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Actually slept until nearly 6:30 but did wake up before alarm went off. Cup of coffee (really can’t wait to get another brand), and some games on facebook before leaving for work. The temp when I went out the door was 19. At least there was no wind at the front of the house and by the car.

Work was more of the same. Timecards, input revenue for sales people, checks, talk with the Boss and deposit and tickets. After that (which was almost 1:30 anyway) time to leave so I could stop by WD to pick up a few things (few...RIGHT) to the tune of nearly $100. Guess I shouldn’t complain. Still the WD is really getting to annoy me. They haven't carried the milk I like for almost 2 months (and it is their brand) and when I stopped to pick up ground beef, that was exactly what they had...ground beef and ground chuck. No ground round or ground sirloin. Seems they are trying to drive people to start shopping at Publix when it opens. But I did get another type of coffee, one I know I like, for tomorrow.

Nothing on television tonight, so Pan is playing his game while I look things up for him and play through pokemon.

Bedtime movie: Godzilla vs. Destroyorah

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