Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sickly Tribulations

Wed 3/14 Blog Prompt: Which is worse, being sick or having sick kids/loved ones? Which is worse, throwing up or having sick kids/loved ones throwing up upon you? Which is worse, being up all night because you're sick, or being up all night because someone else is sick?

Having sick loved ones is definitely worse. I tend to empathize with them.

But when it comes to throwing up, it is worse when it is me or any adult for that matter. Cleaning up after a sick child is not so much of problem. They really can't help it if they can't make it to the throw up basket or toilet.

Being up all night with sick children is worse than being up because I am. It is draining on the body and mind because you are so worried about them; then you end up fatigued and sick yourself.


Oddybobo said...

I can't stand it when my son is sick. I can take being sick myself, but when the Boy is sick! Ack!

loonyhiker said...

You are a better person than me. I don't care if it is an adult or child, if there is vomit, I'm outta here!