Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Darthly Tribulations

While still working in the aforementioned computer room, I happened upon a halloween costume of Darth Vader that Pan had purchased when the Princess was just two years old (she is now going on 8). Indy saw it and was enthusiastically jumping up and down to put it on. He let me take pictures but it had to be while he was in full Vader mode and putting down the vile rebel "Pan.

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On computer subjects (crossing my fingers), my computer seems to like the new room. It well should. I like it cold, really cold, but this is the coldest room in the house and I come out of it numb. But my scanner and printer don't like it. At all. HP finally came out with a driver so that my scanner would work under Vista (they never came out with one for it to work under XP). I was so excited. I would be able to scan again. All those negatives were calling out to me.

On my second batch in, I heard a loud clunk and now it isn't working at all. Arrggggg. And the printer is printing blue and red lines through everything. I bought one of those kits for cleaning a printer and still no go. Pan is suppose to be seeing if he can find someone local who can clean it professionally. Double Arrrgggg.

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