Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Bombshell, Oddy and Oddy Son

Actually it is tomorrow, but since Pan is preparing to shut down my computer, move it to another room and add a ups to it, I may actually be completely without a computer if it decides not to come back up at all. Right now it is a sporadic thing which is why the Bug is posting for me. (Besides she hates it when I do this)

But back to birthdays.... Bombshell will be 27 tomorrow. It's hard to believe that she was once this cute cuddly little girl and now she is a gorgeous woman. Yep that's pictures of her on the slider.

So Honey, although I know you have to work a double to day and work on you birthday tomorrow... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby. Pan and I love you very, very much.

And speaking of birthdays, I completely missed Oddybobo's birthday and her son's. So HAPPY, HAPPY, belated birthday from Tink and Pan.

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