Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tomorrow starts

Pan's vacation. I know that it seems like he takes on all the time, what, with our trips to Vegas, Orlando and such, but those are only vacations for me. They are business trips for him. But this year he is managing to take two weeks off. The first was in June when we took the grands to Universal in Orlando and now this week.
Now he will have time to plan how the Halloween decorations are going to be put out. Still, he won't put them there until the day Halloween treaters are coming. Don't want to give anyone in the neighborhood any ideas and then outdo him. Talk about a Tim Allen complex, hahahahahaha.
He has picked up a few extras for this year, mainly in the lighting department. I really wanted to get the remote control spider from Edmund's Scientific. Maybe next year. And, of course, I will be posting pictures once the big day has come and gone. Probably next weekend sometime.

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