Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Irritation abounds

Tell us about the last thing that irritated  you.

Pan's friend was over a couple of weeks ago. He's spending more time over here since he and his wife are living apart right now. Not a problem. He keeps Pan company watching the movies I just truly hate.
BUT.... he keeps using my coffee cup. The last time he was here, I asked him if he was still a guest or not. He looked at me funny and said "it depends. What's the difference?" So I told him "if you are a guest, you ask before you touch anything. If not, clean your own glass if you can't find one, instead of using my coffee cup."
He's says he's no longer a "guest." But we will have to watch and see, won't we?

1 comment:

Pat Hensley said...

I think you need to speak more plainly. Tape a note on the cup saying, "You are dead meat if you touch this cup!" Maybe that will be a good reminder! LOL