Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Simply write down a full account of a dream you’ve had recently.

I don't know if it is the upcoming All Hallows season or just the weather, but frankly I have been dreaming, Alot....
Most I can't remember, some I really don't want to ever remember and some are just not memorable at all.
Still recently, I did have one that I do remember and I think the cat is the cause. Will explain this more after the dream.
He was the main character along with some feral kittens that somehow managed to get in the house. Cat is, well, cat and part mouse, part dog and thinks he's human. So he was rather intimidated by the tiny furballs and they so enjoyed hiding from him and then jumping out when he was least expecting it. On and on it went all day. When Pan and I finally came in, you could feel the relief flooding off him. That is until we just sat down and watched.

Not much in the way of a dream, but it did seem to go on forever. And I think it was probably due the fact that he was being a pest all night. Wanting to knead, snuggle and play. I wanted him to get his just desserts and the only way I could accomplish it was through dreaming.

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