Monday, October 08, 2012

They’re smarter than they look!

Write about a time your child was on to you.

My kids (and grandkids) are always on to me, so I'm going to share a story when Scamp showed my parents just how much he was into them. (mom, I'm sure to get some parts wrong, just correct me).
Seems dad asked mom if they were going to be cooking the roast on the grill that night. And she decided that she would cook it inside. Dad heads out to the patio, beer in hand (I am sure) to sit and relax. A little later Scamp heads into the house to, well you know, and when he came back out he told my dad "mamma said to get your rear in the kitchen and get the roast."
Now anyone who knows my dad, knows that is going to set him off in a big way. He goes storming into the house yelling at at mom, wanting to know what she means. She did say she was going to cook it inside. She is puzzled, until they both head outside and see Scamp laughing his a$$ off.
That has always been one of my favorite stories. Guess it always will be.

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