Saturday, October 27, 2012

This time last week

I was at my mom's house while Pan was spending the day with his dad and mom. He got a great picture of the two of them. I really need to get it from him, get some more ink for my printer and print it out, have it framed and give it to them. Especially since Pan's dad gave me a wonderful, but early Christmas present.
Pan's mom is now in a home specializing in Alzheimer care. It's been rough on the family and they have been trying to slowly clean out the house which their dad is still staying in. One of the things that Mom P and I have in common is knitting. One of the things that is filling up the split level home is yarn and books. Dad P gave me a chance last week to go through all the books and yarn, taking what I felt I could use. I came home with enough yarn to make several (like 10 or 11) articles. I even managed to locate a couple of those yarn by the pound skeins which will go to the Princess as a gift from Dad P.
That has been another thing that has kept me pretty busy this week. Sorting them all out and trying to find a place to store them. That and trying to clean house for next week, lol.

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