Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Move

“What? What was that you said?”
She must be hearing things because she could have sworn you were talking about moving. And not just moving like across the street or across town, but several states away. She didn’t know what to say or if she should say anything at all especially since she had actually heard it from someone else already.
You just assumed that she would blow a gasket and start another fight, taking it badly to the extreme and you seemed genuinely surprised when she didn’t. Why is that? She had always come to your defense, always backed your decisions. Though she does have a bit of a temper and tends to make her suggestions sound more like demands. Is that what caused this sudden rush to get away? Or is it because you know you have been living off her and her husband without contributing either monetarily or by helping around the house? Most likely it was a combination of both.
You could see it in her eyes as she realized that the two of you have been arguing more of late or so it seemed. But she really thought it would work itself out in the end, apparently not. So while she didn’t like the idea of you moving so far away, she could understand your desire to try and make it on your own. Again if you looked hard enough you might have been able to see the thought processes whirling in her head. ‘Make it on your own?’ while moving in with your dad and his wife. Yeah, right. She didn’t say that but oh she wanted to.
Soon enough the day came. Tears welled up in her eyes whenever she would look at you or the children. The children. How she was going to miss their laughter, banter and arguing throughout the house. And as you and your father packed up the truck and your car, she held tightly the little boy that would no longer be a bright star in the day for her. She was also remembering all the good times that passed between the two of you. Not just recently either, but throughout your life, wondering if she would ever experience that again with you.
Before long the vehicles were packed and it was time to head out. Time had flown so swiftly and you were about to take flight on a new and different adventure. One that did not include her. Would you ever regret that? Would you ever wonder what might have been if you had stayed? But the time to change your mind had passed and there was one last hug goodbye before embarking on your journey.
So with her head leaning against the warm chest of her husband and tears freely falling now, she watched as your car turned the corner. Her hope was that with this separation, the two of you could reach some kind of reconciliation. And she wonders when she might see you again.

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