Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My last doctor's visit

was just last week. And I had to go in to get the results of my blood work. Well, Quest had not sent the results over (long back story about my anger management on this one), so the nurse had to call over and have them sent. While I waited and waited. They finally got there. My doc was ecstatic about the results. Cholesterol, normal; thyroid, normal; diabetes, 5.6 (which is the point at which pre-diabetes starts). Six months ago my diabetes score was 6.6. Yep, I'm a happy camper, now. The doctor was sooo happy with the results that she started talking about all the other tests I need to have done. I agreed on scheduling two of them soon, the others will have to wait. She was fine with that, until she started talking shots. Flu, pneumonia, tetanus.... Flu she wants me to have in October, but I had to get the other two that day. Not happy at all. Anyone who knows me, knows just how I react to shots. I managed. Now I am healthy and going strong. Still tired though, ummmm.

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