Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A letter from MiLady

I'm sure Nuke updated you when I left the hospital a week ago, but I wanted to let you know what's been going on since then. They tried to release me the day after surgery, but I was not able to tolerate oral pain meds yet, so I made them keep me 2 more days until I could. Imagine that! Less than 24 hours after major surgery and they wanted me to go home! Not happening.....I want your readers to know that they are their own best advocate for their health, and the doctors don't always get to call the shots. If something isn't right, don't be afraid to speak up.
Once I got home, I felt better....sleeping in my own bed, not being poked, prodded, and squeezed every 4 hours makes for a good rest. This past Friday (and today to a lesser extent) I was/is having problems regulating my calcium. Either they damaged/removed my parathyroids when they removed the thyroid, or the parathyroids are "in shock" from the surgery. Either way my calcium is trying to get too low. I'm having a weak, shaky type feeling.....very similar to low blood sugar, except no matter what I eat or drink the feeling doesn't go away. So, I called my Endocrinologist and she upped my calcium until I can get in to see her on Thursday.
She wanted to see me Wednesday morning, but I'm due back at MUSC to see my surgeon for a follow-up and to get my pathology report. We'll know what stage my cancer is then. I'm hoping for no more than a stage 2.....I don't know how I'll react if it's stage 3. My CT results from last month don't show anything suspicious below the neck, so I am reasonably sure it hasn't metastasized.
Hopefully I'll also find out if the cancer is familial or just sporadic. Keeping my fingers crossed for sporadic, and that I haven't passed it on to TiMon and Brindel. There is a history of cancer on my dad's side of the family (throat-dad, colon cancer-g-dad,and a great-aunt who had some sort of throat cancer), but no one except me had MTC. Lol... I always have to be the "special" one. Anyway, my general outlook has improved since I got through the surgery. Hopefully it will continue to improve after the path reports. I'll keep you posted.
Love to you and Pan!