Saturday, April 19, 2008

Picnic in the Park Tribulations

For those who have been wondering about these daily scrapbook pages as opposed to the daily blog prompt, I have been out of town. Visiting our oldest son, in fact. Therefore, I did all of these ahead of time so I would have something to post but wouldn't eat into our time with Nuke. Thanks for understanding.

In March our Gotta Flip challenge was of terebinthtree's "Ancient Art" layout. I really like the look of the layout and the extraction. Normally I turn and flip the layouts, but in this case I chose to do a mirror image of it. Some things I left out and others, like the extraction, I made more of a foreground image. All in all I really like how it came out. Thanks terebinthtree.

Whisper Soft (c)Jill D-Zines; Scraplift of "Ancient Art" layout by terebinthtree; Font: LongIsland

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