Monday, April 14, 2008

By the Numbers must mean Tribulations

In the By the Numbers challenge, we had to use 1 arrow, 2 photos and 3 papers. And while I am sure I had plenty of photos I could chose from these two just stuck out. They are from my sister, Bug of One Happy Dog, and show her 4 year old son trying to win a race against his brother by taking a shortcut across a fence. I would post a link but she is moving her blog. Maybe she or I can update this later.

Sketch by Anam Stubbington; Spring Blossoms (c)Kristmess; Fonts: 1-2-3 GO!, Arial Rounded MT

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vw bug said...

You are a sweetie and that was a funny race. My new blog will eventually be but it is not ready yet. STILL.