Wednesday, April 02, 2008

APOD #10

These first three are from a photo challenge I am working on:

A glass of water with ice. Ice was the subject of the challenge.

Another on the list was something green. I chose my shamrock earrings but in the process of locating them, I realized I had three. Three? I know I only have two ears.

Stained or colored glass was another that was on the list. While looking for the shamrock earrings I came across this angel pin with colored glass. Fits the bill don't you think?

This day required two pictures. The before and after. As I was reaching for my tea I glanced up just in time to see kfkap with his paw in the mug. Even though I shooed him away he kept sneaking back. And as you can see from the photo below, it was because he likes green tea. Silly cat. Then there was the day he felt he needed to look at the bugs outside. Now I can't keep him away from the window.

The next day he was back up on the desk only to squeeze through the blinds to watch the bugs outside.

Artificial flowers which reside on my mother's back porch. The look almost real.

I love how the light reflected off the ceiling in my in-laws dining room.

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vw bug said...

Only a cat in your house. ;-)