Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools Tribulations ... Not :)

Tue 4/1 Blog Prompt: How do you feel about practical jokes? Are you the mastermind, sidekick or victim (usually)?

I don't like practical jokes which cause extreme embarrassment to the recipient, but I can get into a practical joke which is fun. Normally, I would say that I am the mastermind, like sending my father anonymous birthday cards from across the country for nearly 20 years. This became impossible to do after 9/11 as I am sure you can imagine why. But it was fun during the time it was going on since he suspected everyone but me. Or how about turning the lights off and on in the boys room when Pan installed a master switch. I can still hear them now:

"Stop it." "It's not me, you're closer." "I'm not doing it, you are going to get us into trouble." "I won't be, you will. You're the one always turning the lights on to read." and so it went on for about 5 minutes then Pan walked in and made me stop.

Yep, I love practical jokes, if they are the right kind.

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