Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who's watching who?

Pirates ©Indigo Designs, Treasure Hunter ©Indigo Designs,
Wild West ©Indigo Designs, Easy Breezy ©Connie Prince
     I do love using the Lego figures to photograph and this picture turned out soooo cute. Indy had called me on skype so I set Jack on the keyboard and snapped away. Kind of looks like he's (Jack, that is) at an outdoor theater. If you have ever been to Guam (like ages ago), you will know what I mean.
     And speaking of Lego figures, Pan has been holding out on me. While trying to figure out what to photograph for GP's 13 on 13, I found a slew of them on the bookshelf above the bed. Star Wars characters all scattered among the Franklin Mint Star Trek vehicles.  How wrong is that?

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