Monday, March 11, 2013

More on Disney World

Main Street Magic ©Connie Prince, Magic Moments Remake ©Laurie's Scraps, My Funky Monkey ©Connie Prince,
Happiest Memories ©Happy Scrap Girl Designs, Template by fiddle-dee-dee designs
     I'm with the Princess on this one...We really need to get back to Disney World. I like Universal and all, but you can get through it in about two days. Maybe in the next year or two we can take her and Indy to Disney for a vacation. I would like to do it in early fall or spring, preferably when school is in session, so they had better be making good grades.
     None of my pictures really turned out well on the trip we took in 2001 and so I altered this one to look like a painting. I know you can't tell from this small jpg, but it looks pretty cool.

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