Thursday, March 28, 2013

Legoland Discovery


the Princess

Legoland Atlanta

The Princess playing football at Legoland Atlanta

Indy and Pan building a Lego car

Daughter and the Princess doing karaoke
     Once inside, Professor Brick-a-Brack gave us a guided tour through how Lego blocks were made. Next we headed to the Kingdom Quest ride where we were able to battle skeletons, trolls and rescue a captured princess. Then it was over to Miniland Atlanta where the city of of Atlanta had been duplicated in Lego blocks, with moving vehicles and some interactive games.
   Finally into a very interactive room where the Princess and Daughter took of on Merlin's Apprentice ride while Pan and Indy put together a Lego car. We watched through all three of the 4D movies before continuing the fun. Princess and Daughter got up to perform some karaoke, while Indy discovered the attraction of the Fire Academy. All too soon it was time to leave.

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