Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There seems to be nothing of interest

Main Street Magic Bundle ©Connie Prince; template by Trixie Scraps
in my refrigerator. It was always full to the brim with the kids here, because they were always hunger. But with just Pan and I, not so much. While they are here I do a week or more in one shopping trip. Now it's pretty much a day to day thing. Enough to last from Thursday to Monday and then Tuesday through Wednesday. I try to do most of my shopping on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For two reasons, really. One I pretty much pass the store on my way home and secondly, the WD constantly has groups of kids bagging on the weekends to raise money for their organizations. I commend their dedication to the community, but please every single weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. I quit carrying cash with me, because I just can't afford it. If some of the other stores would also take up the banner, then maybe they could cut back.

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