Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh good, it's Monday

Flights of Fancy ©Cherie Shields; Template by Memory Clips
Don't work on Monday so Monday is my Sunday. Which means I can sleep in (if I did that sort of thing). Wear pajamas all day. Just relax. Yep, it's oh good, it's Monday.

NOTE TO SELF: Spoke too soon. Didn't sleep in, didn't wear pj's all day and definitely no relaxing. Cat stuck his rear in my face at six. Had to get dressed and run to the vets to get a prescription for the cat's FOOD. And when I came out of the grocery stored with a basket full of food, it started raining. Tonight we have to go get said cat's food and pick up a new filter for the refrigerator. Maybe tomorrow at work will be more relaxing.

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