Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Much are the Ferrets in the Window...

Nuke has four ferrets. Ashi (evil), Fuzen (Mischief), Baito (Bite) and the only little boy, Kaze (wind). Cute little devils. But Pan & I have decided that Baito needs to be renamed to tama no kamu nin, which is the closest Scamp could come up with to Ballbiter.

Nuke has streaming video on his little darlings (and no I'm not going to share it with you until I get the okay to do so). There is about a 30 second delay between our talk on the phone and the video. We are talking and suddenly he is yelling in my ear that Baito has bitten him... 30 seconds later the video catches up and he is flinging himself backwards then forwards again grabbing his crotch and rocking back and forth. Now you really had to hear and see this for yourself to get the full effect, but since I did, I was rolling with laughter and trying very hard to explain to Nuke why it wasn't so funny.

Now I'm going to share my most recent desktops with you, :)

This one was up for ages since I put it up just before I had real problems with my computer. But I love it anyway.

This is my current one. I was so pleased to find out I had taken photos of Indy and the Princess so it looks like they are facing one another with the walkie talkies Indy got from ddpuppies and Bear for Christmas.

This is next month's. It was made for the Rock Your Desktop challenge at Gotta Pixel. The challenge was, you guessed it, another convert color to b&w. I used the channel mixer on this one instead of using just one of the channels. Isn't she a doll?


loonyhiker said...

Oh please please please get permission to post the video!! I was laughing so hard when I read this that my husband thought I was going crazy!

Mrs. Who said...

Please, please...beg him to allow us to see the vid! It'd be a youtube hit!