Saturday, November 17, 2012

In a Christmas long, long ago

Pan found Yoda hiding among the Christmas decorations in the Home Depot galaxy. There were Snoopys, snowmen and even several Santa's but only one Yoda. It must have been the force that brought the two of them together. So now he has a new home and I have to admit that if he is facing your direction, it is kind of creepy.
All things aside, the Bug is going to pay big time for this. As it was her that sent me the original photo from the HD in her neck of the woods, which predisposed Pan to got searching for one in our neck of the woods. BTW he is taller than the box and has to be put together. There were many an unsavory words dotting the living room the night Yoda came home.

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vwbug said...

I had no idea it had to be put together... that is too funny!