Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope this posts finds everyone having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and that each of you have lots to be thankful for. I know I do.
1. A husband who gets me and likes me anyway.
2. Children who make the sunshine in my life.
3. The fact that even though my family is scattered, that technology is such that we can keep in touch.
4. Fairly good health and nothing life threatening.
5. Good friends.
6. A job I really enjoy.
Can't get any better than that.


Anonymous said...

Mom, here is what I posted on FaceBook yesterday:

In our cancer group, someone started a thread; What are you thankful for? Here is my reply:

I am thankful for my family who have rallied around my self, hubby, and sons during this difficult time. I'm grateful for my family-in-law. They are awesome. My friends too, have come to my aid and still offer their help if needed. I am thankful for this group whom I am starting to feel like y'all are my extended family. I am thankful and grateful to all of our military who are protecting our country and others. I am thankful to the doctors and researchers who take care of us and others. I am grateful most of all for a patient, loving, considerate husband, and my 2 healthy sons.

Nuke and I miss all of y'all and we hope that we can visit soon. Much love to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and whatever that is inthe pic looks totally yummy! :-)