Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reusable People

   Pan and I were at dinner the other night and talking about general things in our lives. Surprisingly enough, even after 20+ years, we still can find tidbits of our lives that we had not shared before. This night he was telling me about houses he had seen.
    First was the one when he was young. A house downtown was being remodeled. It was an older home 2- or 3-story home and some of the window shudders were on the ground being painted while others were in the process of being placed back up. Not real interesting, huh? That was until he told me that later that year when they were traveling up north, he saw the same house in the same state of repair.
   Then there was the house when he was in college. He went to college in Atlanta and he said there was a house a couple of blocks from the apartment that looked just like his parents house. Even to the extent that they used the same Christmas lights. Okay, everyone who decorates probably uses nearly the same kind. So what? Except one year his dad changed out the multi-colored lights for all blue and the house in Atlanta did the same thing....in the same year.
   Okay, now it is getting a little eerie. Pan believes that the world is reusing things for his benefit (I don't know that I would use benefit, but....) and that is why when he meets people he is sure he has seen before that they are just reused people.

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