Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some things are worth waiting for

In All the Days
In all the days that have come forth since,
A mindful thought of simple penance.
For so much we owe to hose that give
Our lives lessons that each day we live.
For mother a happy thought arises
Of care and hope in differing guises,
So that we may grow in future state
A purposed man with a loving mate.
Father teaches of sciences and thought,
and maths and dreams, both made and bought.
A learned m an from these does grows
To provide for a wife with that he knows
For so much we owe to those that gave
The strength and passion and thought to save
A future hope, that in our love has reached
The simple peace that you have bequeathed.
From and son and wife, an ode is written,
About gifts of wit and wisdom given.
A grateful wife for the son made a man
by the love and care and life's lessons
Taught by his parents, Tink and Pan

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