Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Mouse, an Engine & a Tribulation

Looks like today was a free day for blog prompts so here is one for you. But more specifically for Mrs. Who after her BUSY BEE post.

Way back in 1973-1974, I think it was probably '74, I was driving my sister and a friend of hers around the thrift shop on the base. I was so proud of myself, having a license and having parents who trusted me with the car.

There was the usual chitchat that teens seem to have in abundance, but I was still keeping my eye on the road (I really didn't want to betray that trust); when what to my wandering eyes should appear but a tiny grey field mouse in the wiper well. He put his tiny little paws on the window and he looked terrified to death. I guess if I was that small and I was on some huge machine going the speed of light (we were doing 35 mph, but he's small remember), I would look pretty terrified myself. As I said we were in the neighborhood of the thrift shop, so we pulled into the vacant lot and popped the lid.

As we were checking diligently for this grey furball of a pest, a young AP showed up to ask us what we were doing. I don't think he believed us when we said that we were looking for a mouse in the engine and probably was wondering what we had been smoking, when our little friend decided to make another appearance. There was one started AP that day, as well as 3 startled teens. We did manage to get him out of the car before we started up again.

I was holding my breath though. For all I knew he could have been a key component of the engine block.

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glynis said...

Too funny! But I would have FREAKED...I can't stand mice :)

Mrs. Who said...

Poor mousie...he escaped his wheel that was making the car go. That's why you only were going 35 mph.