Saturday, July 05, 2008

Camera Hunt Tribulations

This month in Paula's Camera Hunt Challenge we were to find:

1. A Kiss (Indy gives The Princess a kiss after her recital)
2. Crazy Hair (sometimes I wonder what gets into my daughter to do this to her son, but it does look cute on him and reflects his personality.)
3. Ice Cream (okay, so the kids finished their bowls of ice cream before I could get the picture, but here is a bowl as proof there was some)
4. Water Fun (while at Bear & ddpup's, the kids had a grand time in the sprinkler)
5. Silliness (still at Bear & ddpup's, there is nothing like a good wrestle in the grass)
6. Shape: Cube (Indy swipes the cat's cube and crawls in it himself)
7. Color: Pink (more from ddpup's, one of her pink daisies that among all her other butterfly flowers. This one was taken over by bees)
8. Picture of your house or home (it was a real icky day when this one was taken but look... the grass is still green)

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ArtcTrish said...

Looks like the challenge just went up today and you alreayd have it done???? And very well too!

Yin said...

Nice!! Love this layout and the challenge!