Saturday, February 08, 2014

And speaking of the Holiday Season

There was the quick trip into the Christmas Shoppe to find the perfect Christmas tree ornaments for the family. It has been a tradition for me to get each of the kids an ornament each year since they were born. And now for the grands as well. But Pan and I took it further and got a new ornament for us each year after we got married when we started buying the Hallmark ornaments that had special features and especially when we were getting the Star Trek and Star War ornaments. Now we get them when we are in Orlando. I normally get Seuss inspired ornaments for us. This year it was the Grinch for Pan and while for me was a "Who" wrapped gift.
I love looking through the magical shop at all the pretties and dainties that are available. One year, maybe, I can decorate my tree like one of theirs. Maybe the tall "Who" tree?

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