Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Dinner

And it came to pass on a Christmas evening
 While all the doors were shuttered tight
 Outside standing, lonely boy-child
 Cold and shivering in the night

On the street, every window
 Save but one, was gleaming bright
 And to this window walked the boy-child
 Peeking in saw, candle light

Through other windows he had looked at turkeys
 Ducks and geese, cherry pies
 But through this window saw a grey-haired lady
 Table bare and tears in her eyes

Into his coat reached the boy-child
 Knowing well there was little there
 He took from his pocket,
 His own Christmas dinner
 A bit of cheese, some bread to share

His outstretched hands
 Held the food and they trembled
 As the door, it opened wide
 Said he, Would you share with me Christmas dinner
 Gently said she, Come inside

The grey-haired lady brought forth to the table
 Glasses two and her last drop of wine
 Said she, Here's a toast to everyone's Christmas
 And especially, yours and mine

And it came to pass on that Christmas evening
 While all the doors were shuttered tight
 That in that town, the happiest Christmas
 Was shared by candle light

(Paul Stookey, 1963)
This was on the menu last year for dinner at my sister's house. Looks yummy, huh? My BIL cooks the meat out on his grill and green egg while ddpuppies takes care of the veggies and desserts. Am really looking forward to seeing what is on the menu this year. 

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