Friday, April 12, 2013

Linus Hearted

Well, looks like we should have named him Linus (of Charlie Brown fame). He is the most dependent cat I have ever seen. As a kitten he had a teddy bear that he carried around and slept with. The teddy bear is still around somewhere. But recently he found a kitchen towel (either one that dropped out of the laundry basket as I was folding clothes or one that Indy had scarfed up from the kitchen). He know uses it as a pillow or a blanket and, if I can be sly enough, as a cape so that he can pretend he is Thorcat.

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Yin said...

Hi Tink! Promised myself to come by and say hi, and finally did today. Your grandchildren have grown so much! Look at princess!! She is such a beauty! Your layouts are still cool and you are trying new stuff at the Scrapbook campus - impressive. And I'm finally glad to catch a glimpse of you in the corner of one of the photos, (big smile) Hi Tink!! Do it more! So glad to know you and Pan and family are doing so well!