Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blueprint ran away

Have tried out one of the Master Classes at Scrapbook Campus. They are only available to members for a short time, then she puts them up for purchase. Was having a grand time trying some of the photo techniques she had posted and here is my take on the Blueprint one (and no mine does not look like a blueprint, somewhere along the line I got sidetracked trying different ideas).
Original picture of the Greenville, AL courthouse.

Following directions

Diverging from directions by desaturating the original
Unhide part 2. More divergence.
Adding a texture between the two layers and applying soft light blend mode
Changed soft light blend mode to difference blend mode.
I just love how the last one turned out with a darkly night feeling and light streaming out from the inside of the courthouse hitting the ceilings for the balcony and entry.

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