Saturday, August 02, 2008

Challenging Desktop Tribulations

The desktop challenge at Gotta Pixel this month was to use a font or alpha you haven't used before. And being a day late and a dollar short this entire summer had not changed for this either. The desktop I did would have definitely been better for July and the red, white and blue. Still it is what is up now and probably will stay that way unless I get around to trying the desktop challenge at goDigital.

Just to update though, we are all doing fine. Pan is still working, but traveling a lot more these days and working weekends (as he is doing now. Thank goodness he has an office here at home or I would never be seeing him, LOL). We celebrated our 19th anniversary. The daughter has been working overtime as the girl she was training as manager came down with mono. This means we have had the kids a lot more than we expected.

Pan had already paid for first class tickets and hotel reservations prior to everything happening so we are still headed to Las Vegas at the end of the month.

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