Monday, June 24, 2013

Where there's smoke...

     I've got a confession. It's summer and that means the grands will be visiting or already have for a while and will be back. So I'm posting a wee bit ahead of time. Like 2 weeks.....
     I probably wouldn't have said anything except for the fact that I am writing this at 2:30 in the morning. You see, Pan woke me up at 11:30 to ask if I smelled anything. Groggily, I said no and turned over to head back to sleep when suddenly I could... Something was burning. Surprisingly we didn't panic but very calmly walked through the house...nothing. Open the garage door and before I knew it Pan was poking his head up in the attic...nothing.
     We both get dressed and walk aside. The whole neighborhood is blanketed in smoke. Pan grabs my keys and does a drive-through around the neighborhood...nothing. But something is definitely burning and it is definitely wood.
     There are woods across the street from the neighborhood and Pan feels like maybe someone was camping out and a fire got out of hand (but I haven't heard any firetrucks). I feel like maybe the road crew is burning brush where they are working on the by-pass. Guess we will find out later today (almost said tomorrow, lol).
     But in the meantime, I can still smell it and ain't no way I'm going back to sleep in the off-chance Pan is right. And as far as the pages go, I thought it would be nice to see those that cut pictures in half how they would actually look together in a book.

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