Friday, February 22, 2008

Tribulations.... I'm Home.....

kind of. Remember last week when I said I wasn't feeling too well? Seems I really wasn't. I had an ear infection. I think the infection has cleared up but the congestion sure hasn't and it still sounds like I'm listening to everyone and everything through a fishbowl.

Still on Wednesday night I snuck outside from time to time to see about taking pictures of the eclipse. Many thanks to NYIP for their tips on how to accomplish this. Don't know if I followed them to the letter (probably not), but at least I had a starting point.

Without further ado here are some of those pictures.

At the start of the eclipse
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi; f/5.6; exposure time: 1/200 sec.; speed: ISO-100; Bias 0 step; length: 200 mm; metering mode: pattern

at about mid-point
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi; f/5.6; time: 1/500 sec.; speed: ISO-100; Bias: 0 step; length: 200 mm; metering mode: Pattern

after totality
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi; f/5.6; time: 4 sec.; speed: ISO-100; bias: 0 step; length: 200 mm; metering mode: Pattern


loonyhiker said...

Awesome photos! I tried to take some but I couldn't get them to come out right. I knew you would get some! Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better.

ArtcTrish said...

VERY COOL!!! I've missed your posts! Though I haven't been home much to read them. I hope you feel better soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

my husband has only posted one, but he took hundreds with his Nikon D300

Yin said...

Wow, you got great photos of it! My sons are asleep now, will show them in the morning, they'd be really interested!!
Good to hear about your princess and her half filippino heritage, that heritage is so rich and wonderful, she'd be so blessed to keep well with it.

Bob's Blog said...

Awesome shots! I wasn't willing to stay up that late here in Colorado, so I have nothing to show.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Tink - I just had to sneak a peek before leaving your blog! You DONE good girl!!! INCREDIBLE shots! Sad to say, we didn't even make it out to look and we live in the country with no street lights. How SAD is that? You DEFINITELY know I was either up to my eyeballs or not feeling very good. Could be a combo of the two.

I am SO thrilled you were able to snap these - they REALLY are SPECTACULAR! TFS!